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BlueHost Review : Best Website Hosting Service 2021🔥 Cheap Web Hosting
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Hello, today I want to share with you my experience of cooperation with the best service in the Best Web Hosting category. Having looked at more than 20 hosting sites, I chose the most reliable one for myself. The most popular choice among bloggers and marketers, it is great for newbies and has great server performance. I have been using this hosting since 2011, and it has never let me down. In this short video, I’ll show you a few secrets that few people know about that make it truly one of the best in the Best Web Hosting category. It’s about Bluehost. Let’s not waste time and get started, look carefully at the screen!

BlueHost is one reputable and reliable company offering some pretty powerful yet inexpensive web hosting packages.
All plans are crammed with resources, starting with 50GB of storage in the base plan. I’ve seen baselines from other hosts with 500MB. This is more than enough for the average site. That’s enough for an e-commerce store with hundreds of HD product photos.
All Bluehost plans include an SSL certificate. Almost all hosting providers provide one or another SSL certificate, but it should be taken seriously.
Thanks to the SSL certificate, a beautiful lock appears in the address bar of your website. They encrypt the connections of your visitors and guarantee the authenticity of the data transmitted between the server and the visitors.
To install an SSL certificate, you will have to talk to support. It’s not as easy as you might think, but once you get to it, you’re in good hands.
Installing WordPress is easy. It used to be annoying, but today scripts can handle it easily and can be run with just one click. However, it’s still great that every Bluehost WordPress plan comes with WordPress pre-installed. You don’t even need to log into cPanel.
In addition, Bluehost will take care of installing updates. Updates are also not difficult to install, as they usually just need to click the Update button, but they are easy to forget about.
I think this is one of Bluehost’s coolest features, the detailed to-do list for every new site, and I have no idea why the company never mentions or advertises it.
Website creation is a process. As with all processes, it is easy to lose track of it. The first steps are clear – you need to install WordPress on your server and connect the domain.
Once you set up your account, Bluehost’s dashboard will show you a neat list of all the steps you need to take. After completing each step, just mark it “done” and move on.
The list includes everything I mentioned earlier, plus adding users, improving performance, scanning for malicious files, and more. Just click “Let’s go” next to any item and you will be redirected to the corresponding page.
If you’re building your first website, this list will be a blessing.
Another cool thing is that Bluehost gives you access to “hundreds of themes,” both free and premium. This is … actually the idea behind WordPress. Designers and developers make themes for the platform, which you can then install on your own site. This is not a Bluehost feature, this is a WordPress feature.

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