Cheap Alternatives for Web Hosting: Best on Budget Web hosting providers (WORDPRESS, JOOMLA, etc.)

Cheap or almost free web hosting providers might have a bad name due to the poor services they render. so many things have changed, especially in 2020. Thanks to advancement in technology. Below are my best and cheap web hosting providers picks!

As a website/blog owner who needs to choose a web hosting provider, the first thing you’d like could be a decent performance of your website.
Of course, these basic plans may not meet your expectations to handle huge loads and tens of thousands of tourists per day. However, they’re a fantastic budget solution for your website that’s getting hundred unique visitors per day. More so, since all the web hosting providers on this list are reputable, you will always scale from your cheap or basic web hosting solutions to more suitable plans. So while all these companies offer cheap web hosting, they’re by no means cheap companies offering best web hosting services for a coffee price.

1. BlueHost:
2. DreamHost:
3. greengeeks:

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